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Formal Functional Medicine Training

The functional approach to health management is interwoven and complex and includes concepts that network with one another. Formally trained pracitioners learn about imbalances in areas such as: Digestion/Assimilation, Hormonal Axis/Cellular Communications, Detoxificaiton, Energy Production, Cardiovascular/Lymph, Micro and Macro Structural Integrity of Tissues, and Immune function. "First do no harm" is our long-standing motto in health care.

Our courses are designed as foundational learning for allied health professionals that want to explore the functional medicine approach and how it can be applied in patient care. The courses on this site are not intended to replace formal training such as a full certification or master's degree programs. Information herein should only be utilized within scope of practice laws and we strongly recommend co-care patient management with trained practioners for those not yet fully trained. Co-care is also required for patients that will have medication changes if prescribing Rx is not in your scope.

"First do no harm" is our long-standing motto as health practitioners and we love that the functional slant of utilizing food as our best medicine is a primary focus.

As functional medicine becomes more and more popular, pracitioners will find a variety of training options. Some medical schools are even starting to implement training in their core curriuculum. If you opt for more training, we've included a short list of formal training programs below that we have had experience with. Laurie Mueller, DC, CFMP was trained at Functional Medicine University. Henry Mueller, DC, FACO, IFMCP was trained through the Institute of Functional Medicine. We also have respected colleagues who were trained via master's degree programming.

We've included several direct links below if you would like to explore programming. If you sign up for formal training we kindly ask that you let them know that FxMedOnline/Dr. Laurie Mueller sent you. This helps us to maintain our site and initiatives.  For the FMU site, the link provided already includes a code that allows them to ID us at the referring party. Thank you!

Functional Medicine University (FMU)
'Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner' (CFMP) Training Program

Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)
Institute for Fucntional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP) Training Program

University of Western States (UWS)
Master's Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine