Continuing Education

We proudly offer continuing education credits for DC's, ND's, and Acupuncturists in select states through our approved provider: National University of Health Sciences/ Lincoln College of Postprofessional, Graduate & Continuing Education. 200 E. Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL 60148. Phone: 630-889-6622.

NUHS is a PACE approved provider for DC's, they apply through the Oregon ND Board for ND's, and via NCCAOM for Acupuncturists. Approval information, if applicable,  will be included on your verification of completion that is auto-emailed to you after each course completion.

DCs: CE was applied for nationwide. Please see the chart at the end of this page for details on state approvals. Note that even with approvals, max # of online CE hours allowed by
individual states for distance learning may vary. Learners will recieve an individual verification of completion at the end of each unit.

NDs: CE was applied for by NUHS to the Oregon Board. If your state accepts courses approved by the Oregon Board, and accepts hours in an online format, then all or a portion of this program is approved. (Individual state distance learning hours may vary.)

Acupuncture: CE was applied for by NUHS to the NCCAOM. If your state accepts NCCAOM approved seminars, and accepts hours in an online format, then all or a portion of this program is approved.
(Individual state distance learning hours may vary.)

Pricing: The first 10 hour bundle for professionals (with CE)  is an affordable $159 and includes the first  3 units of the program. Second bundle is coming soon! Individual topic pricing is available at $20 per hour. For those that want CE look for the word 'PROFESSIONAL' before the title of your course or bundle.

Student Pricing: The first 10 hour bundle including the first three units is $79 (no CE available). Individual course pricing is provided as an option at $10 per course hour. We welcome students enrolled in health programs to take our discounted coursework. Note that professionals may also take the student version of the course. It is the same course, however CE is not available for the student version. If you are a health professional and would just like the information (with no CE) then you are more than welcome to sign up for the student version; student versions all begin with the word  'STUDENT' in the course title. Student versions recieve a verification of completion after each unit to attest to the education, but they clearly delineate that they are not valid for CE credits.

Syllabus/Bio: If your state requires licensees to submit a course syllabus and/or instructor bio for CE or audit purposes, please find those items for download with the following links below.

Full Program Syllabus Click Here

Instructor Biographies Click Here

General Policies
FxMedonline requires each learner to register for a seperate account with personal demographic information to be inserted into certificates/attendance verifications (eg. do not share email IDs becasue your name, demographics, and licensure  informaiton is tied to your unique ID.)

We expect that all work completed and time accrued is done so with honesty. This site utilizes course timers to allow us to better attest for your time in the case of course audit by your licensing board.

Professional/Educational ethics in communication to instructors and fellow students is expected at all times.

The information and concepts presented in coursework is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used as medical advice, counseling or consulting. Statements made within courses are not intented to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any disease or health condition.

No Refund Policy
FxMedonline has a 'No Refund Policy'. In extenuating circumstances we work with enrollees to issue a partial refund. If approved,  our policy is to deduct the automated fees that we incur doing business and to take into account how much of the course has been viewed prior to remitting any partial refund.

2022 CE Approval Status

Need CE? Many states have ongoing approvals. Others are currently being renewed. Before enrolling, please email drmuelleronline@yahoo.com and ask for CE approval information for 2022 that is specific for your state!